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La Cabaña Hot Springs

Explore the dazzling wonder of the páramo ecosystem at the highest reaches of the Andes mountain range, alongside the enigmatic Nevado del Ruiz, through our fascinating tour to Termales La Cabaña. Immerse yourself in the magic of lagoons above 4,100 meters, admire the majesty of frailejones, and experience the unique beauty of thermal waters in this captivating natural setting.

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Tour operator specialized in nature tourism, adventure, medium and high mountain. RNT: 68138


15 hours

Difficulty level

3 (Medium)

Maximun altitude

4.200 meters


316 Km ( Vehícle) - 8 Km (Hike)

Starting & finish place

Salento / Salento

Tour summary & Itinerary

What you can expect!

Embark on an unparalleled experience with the Termales La Cabaña tour, a hidden oasis near the imposing Nevado del Ruiz. This journey immerses you in an epic 8-kilometer trek through the magical páramo ecosystem, where each step reveals astonishing secrets of nature. From crystalline lagoons to the majestic frailejón, you’ll find yourself immersed in a setting that seems taken from a dream as you explore wildlife and panoramic views that defy description.

But the true gem of this experience is the encounter with the thermal waters of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Imagine immersing yourself in these rejuvenating waters, fueled by the geothermal energy from the depths of the earth. It’s a unique bath that envelops you in the warmth of nature, providing not only a revitalizing break but also a direct connection with the force that shapes this magical land.

Guided by passionate and knowledgeable guides, each moment becomes a lesson in the geological and biological richness of the region. History comes to life as you delve into the narrative of this corner of the world, fostering a deep respect for the natural environment. In summary, the Termales La Cabaña tour is not just a journey; it’s an odyssey that awakens your senses, leaves you breathless, and immerses you in an experience you will remember forever. Are you ready to discover the hidden paradise of Nevado del Ruiz?

Day 0

The day before to start of the tour, it is mandatory for us to meet at our office located in Salento Q.

Day 1

What should you bring?

(*) At the Salento Hikers office, personal equipment is available for rent (with advance reservation).

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Salento – La Carbaña Hot Springs (return) by car


Trekking poles / Robber boots


Breakfast / Typical lunch/ Water / Hot drinks / Snacks


Professional guide / Medical assistance insurance / All entrance fee.

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Points of interest​

Salento - Nevado del Ruiz & Laguna Negra - Hot Springs & Paramo Ecosystem
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About Salento Hikers

Salento Hikers is a team of local passionate hikers focus on providing authentic nature experiences in Salento Quindio. We are a family owned company who get real enjoyment out of matching you to the best possible adventures. Driven by our passion to the outdoors lifestyle we started exploring Los nevados national park years ago with friends and family, finding in this privilege place a combination of beauty, peace and natural perfection which everyone around the world should visit.
Our mission is to show the beauty of Los Nevados National Park to adventure lovers through hiking, touring, biking and canyoning by providing an in-depth knowledge of local culture but without making negative impact on environment and the community.
We're atour operator specialized in medium and high mountains. Agency endorsed by National Parks / Professional guides. RNT: 68138






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We are committed with the preservation of our environment, Our entire activities is based around our natural environment, our rivers, mountains, lakes, forest and wildlife are our assets and our futures depend on them.
We know you will have high expectations of what you are going to see in the national park and we want to make sure that those expectations are fully met. Your children and grandchildren and all the coming generations should also be able to experience the beauty of our national park.

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Stunning mountain experience! Honest, professional & passionate organisation

We did the 4-day Nevado del Tolima hike, and can only recommend it highly!! Gustavo from the office truly wants you to have a good experience and helped us with everything we needed. The gear is perfect. A lot of snacks and food. Our guide Hamilton was professional, experienced, sincerely passionate, with an incredible knowledge of the mountains, nature, safety, ornithology… and a huge love and respect for the environment. Book in advance and check with them what to bring. Make sure you’re acclimatised and in good health and condition before. Lots depends on the weather, but you’re in super good hands with Salento Hikers!

Mirke D

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Quindío, Colombia

Our lovely team is prepared to provide you with the best and more responsible guided experience in Salento Quindio.


Carrera 5 # 9-33 Barrio La Floresta


Calle 22n # 19-170

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